Looking Forward To Meet You Again At Blue Ocean

Looking Forward To Meet You Again At Blue Ocean

We have all been effected in a minor or major way as a result of the global COVID-19 crisis. We still feel the effects on a daily basis . Yet, the world is gradually getting back on its feet. We are slowly recovering from our social trauma and just can’t wait to restore or comfort zone and our familiar rhythm of social, economic, academic and leisure life.


Now what better remedy is there than to change our senses. Egypt is facilitating these senses. It has set up regulations for the resumption of tourism to the land of the pharaohs, in compliance  with the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization). The focus is on hospitality establishments such as hotels, restaurants, archaeological sites, museums and water sport-related activities such as diving, snorkelling and liveaboard safaris.


We at Blue Ocean are looking forward to welcome you again and to accommodate you again. We miss you. Meanwhile, we have qualified for the ‘hygiene safety certificate’ as a pre-requisite to meet rigid safety and hygiene standards. The necessary training has been conducted, as well the implementation of awareness programs for our employees and staff.


The regulations for the revival of tourism to Egypt mentioned below are subject to regular reviews and update in light of new development. Let us shine a light on quintessential regulations and measures that concern you as a guest at Blue Ocean.


Before Your Departure to Egypt


·      Blue Ocean guests must have a filled-in copy of the ‘traveller declaration’ form prior to receive their boarding pass. The information required can be found on http://egypt.travel/media/2364/declaration_form.pdf

·      Only Blue Ocean guests from countries declared by the World Health Organization as severely infected with COVID-19 up to an epidemic level, are required to submit a recent PCR test result. This should be done in the source country with a maximum of 48 hours prior to travel date upon entry to Egypt







When You Arrive At Egyptian Airports

·      Regular sterilization and disinfection of airports are carried out on a continuous basis

·      Wearing face masks is mandatory inside all airport facilities

·      Physical distance is to be observes at all times

·      Temperature of all travellers and airport staff is to checked

·      Disinfection of luggage before being places on the luggage conveyor belt


Your Stay At Blue Ocean Abu Dabbab Diving Lodge




·      Our guests will have their temperatures checked every time they enter the lodge

·      Your luggage is disinfected before check-in

·      Floors signs are in place to maintain physical distancing

·      Our guests are kindly requested to pay by electronic means

·      The maximum room capacity is two adults and two children, less than 12 year old, from the same family

·      Your rooms, including bathrooms are disinfected and properly ventilated daily

·      Linens and towels are washed at high temperatures

·      Our guests should notify the lodge management or house doctor immediately in case of COVID-19 symptoms

·      A lodge section is allocated for the quarantine of minor, non-critical or suspected cases



·      Queuing at the entrance is reduced by pre-booking via electronic applications, telephone or other means

·      Our guests’ temperature is checked before entrance

·      Open buffet is not allowed; served buffet is, providing keeping safe physical distance

·      Restaurant tables are placed 2 meters apart with one meter between people on the same table with a maximum of six per table

·      Restaurant tables are equipped with hand sanitizers

·      Use of disposable cutlery

·      Kids areas are closed





·      Kitchens are thoroughly cleaned, properly ventilated and disinfected on a daily basis

·      Blue Ocean kitchen staff maintain physical distance

·      Blue Ocean kitchen staff wear face masks, gloves and repeatedly wash hands with soap and water


Swimming Pool

·      Blue Ocean carries out regular disinfection of swimming pools

·      Recreational activities at swimming pools are reduced

·      Cleansing the area around the pool, including sunbeds and matrasses, after every use, as well as before and after operating hours

·      Sunbeds are placed two meters apart

·      Beach and pool towels are delivered to your room


Coming To Blue Ocean Diving Centers

·      Our staff members are trained and educated on symptoms and necessary preventive measures related to covid-19

·      Temperature of our staff members is checked daily

·      Wearing facemasks the proper way is mandatory

·      Wearing gloves is a must for all our employees working in the cleaning and hygiene department, kitchen, tanks filling station, maintenance and cleaning of the diving gear

·      The interval between vacations for each Blue Ocean worker is at least 60 days

·      Hand sanitizers  are provided

·      Disposable pens are used

·      Only Blue Ocean staff members and divers are allowed on board

·      Electronic and online payments are encouraged

·      Tables are places 2 meters apart and chairs are placed 1 meter apart inside training rooms

·      Blue Ocean customers are encouraged to use their own diving and snorkelling gears

·      Regular cleaning of surfaces and touch points is carried out using sodium hypochlorite, oxygen peroxide and alcohol at 70% concentration

·      Multilingual instructional posters for covid-19 prevention and precautionary measures are places in different area

·      A registry of customers and crew onboard is kept




Disinfecting Diving, Snorkelling & Water Sports Gear and Equipment

·      All equipment (regulator, mask and snorkel, BCD and diving suit) are disinfected by soaking them in water containing 10% chlorine-containing bleach by adding a quarter cup of chlorine bleach to 4,95 liters of water. If the chlorine-containing bleach is 5% concentration ratio, add a half cup of chlorine bleach to 4.9 liters of water

·      All gears are cleaned, sanitized and disinfected after every single use. Used equipment that have not been cleaned are kept separate from the clean ones.

·      Blue Ocean exchanges equipment frequently to avoid use of the same equipment

·      Blue Ocean customers should not share their gear with others and they are responsible for cleaning their own gear

·      Equipment used in water sports are washed with water and left to dry in the sun for over one hour


Onboard of Blue Ocean Safari & Daily Boats

·      Blue Ocean boats are allowed to operate at 50% of their total guest capacity

·      Our guests’ temperatures are checked before embarking

·      Wearing facemasks is obligatory

·      Regular cleaning of surfaces and touch points is carried out using sodium hypochlorite, oxygen peroxide and alcohol at 70% concentration

·      Our customers are encouraged to use their own towels, cutlery and tableware onboard

·      Disposable cutlery is used on board

·      Physical distance is maintained while going in and out of the water. It is not allowed to have more than two people on the stern platform (lower back deck)

·      Blue Ocean provides first-aid kits, antipyretics and adequate protective equipment

·      Ordering food onboard is from a set menu. Kitchens onboard will follow the above mentioned regulation

·      One cabin onboard is allocated on our boats for quarantine purposes, avoiding the cabin where the boat emergency exit is located at the bottom of the liveaboard

·      If any of our guests or workers  show any COVID-19 symptoms, they should alert the boat crew and isolate themselves in the designated quarantine cabin immediately

·      Use of AC’s inside the boat cabins shall be minimized in order to allow fresh air to circulate regularly