About Abu Dabbab

Abu Dabbab is a nature reserve, Located 35km south of Marsa Alam airport on the Red Sea, with its appealing blue waters, white sandy shore, and exquisite marine life. It is the perfect place for those who are looking to have an adventurous time with their beloved ones, all the while exploring and taking part in a wide range of fun-filled activities. The destination is idyllically set between the blue waters of the Red Sea and the chain of the Red Sea sienna mountains.

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Abu Dabbab Beach

Abu Dabbab Beach

Abu Dabbab Beach is renowned for its stunning sandy beach and exquisite marine life. It is a must-visit attraction in Marsa Alam. The beach is the ideal place to relax with your friends and family, take long walks, play energizing games, dip your feet in the calm waters of the Red Sea and enjoydelicious snacks and drinks in your very own, private cabanas! While diver-sand snorkelers are exploring the south and north house reefs, others are taking part in a wide range of fun-filled activities.

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Abu Dabbab Location

Marsa Abu Dabbab Bay is located in the heart of the south of the Red Sea, in Marsa Alam, Egypt, right on the coastline, on the branch road off the main coastal road opposite Abu Dabbab Lodge and next to the Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort and Malikia Resort. Abu Dabbab is only 35km south of Marsa Alam Airport, 34km north of Marsa Alam center, 25km from Port Ghaleb, 85km from Wadi El Gemal National Park and Apprx 260km from Hurghada Airport. It is the perfect spot to start your tours discovering the natural wonders of the Red Sea underwater and mountainside.

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The Perfect Spot
The House Reef

Abu Dabbab House Reef

You will find two stunning house reefs. The south and the north reefs are separated by grassy meadows, refreshing find for snorkelers and divers. The flourishing fauna and marine life are visible from the beach. Abu Dabbab is synonymous with a profusion of colorful fish and to amazing bouquets of soft and hard corals.  Abu Dabbab is also the stomping ground of the completely harmless and innocent bowmouth guitar shark. The idyllic scene is completed by the presence of a small, coral-encrusted shipwreck and a swim-through canyon with an underwater cave and riveting tunnels! 

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The Turtles Bay

Abu Dabbab is reputedly known as the Turtles Bay and home of the one of a kind stoical dugong, the sea cow. Here, you will have a chance to come eyeball-to-eyeball with the captivating giant sea turtles. The wade-in beach of Abu Dabbab has easy access to the waters with 1-3 meters depth. It is suitable for snorkelers and good swimmers of all ages. As well, It is perfectly suitable for both early and advanced scuba diving learners. 

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Turtles Bay! Home of the Dugong
Eco Awareness

Eco Awareness

Abu Dabbab visitors, crews at the dive centers and beach outlets are entirely dedicated to the protection and preservation of wildlife of the Red Sea. Our motto has always been ‘Nature First’ and special care is taken to prevent any kind of harm to the environment and its wildlife. We are enthusiastic promoters of the Red Sea’s aquatic environmental and ecological awareness, in close harmony with HEPCA 'Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association' 

Shore Diving & Nearby Dive Sites

The house reef flows gradually to 40+ meters in depth. Abu Dabbab also offers a diverse range of adventurous activities planned and arranged especially for Abu Dabbab friends! One area of the beach has been designated to moor our speedboats. They are waiting for you to cross the Red Sea towards the nearby dive sites of Elphinstone Reef, Shaab Abu Dabbab I, Shaab Abu Dabbab II, Shaab Abu Dabbab III, the Garden Reef or Um Halhala. For more about scheduled speedboat trips from Abu Dabbab Beach to the nearby dive sites of Marsa Alam info contact us

Nearby Dive Sites
Destination Management

Destination Management

Abu Dabbab Beach has been managed by Blue Ocean Diving Centers & Resorts since 2006. It is your the perfect destination to start your adventures to many nearby attractions; from the Elphinstone Reef to the Dolphin House and the breathtaking views of Wadi El Gemal National Park and Sharm El Luli.

Abu Dabbab is your top spot for everything you’ve always wanted to know about spending quality leisure time in Egypt. Simply magical.