Blue Ocean IDC

Blue Ocean is a certified PADI 5 Stars Instructor Development Dive Resort 'IDC'. We ensure a full range of PADI educative diving programs, equipment selection and dive experience, together with actively promoting aquatic environmental awareness. Blue Ocean operates with full equipped classrooms and with friendly, multilingual and international professional dive instructors to meet the demand of our students, regulars and new guests from around the world. Our team and facilities can offer PADI instructor level trainings and continuous education opportunities to dive professionals. At Blue Ocean Dive Center, you can get recognized for professionalism.
After completion of your diving course, your holidays in the Red Sea will never be the same again! It’s our motivation and our ambition to make you feel like a fish in the water. We care and it satisfies us, every single day. Welcome to the club!

Learn To Dive

Would you like to know how great it is to breathe underwater? Are you ready to have an adventure and explore an entirely new world under the surface of the Red Sea? Well look no further, we have the answer for you.

An easy diving initiation is what you need to explore the underwater world. Although this is not a certified diving course. Learning to dive is simple and enjoyable with our instructors, you will learn all of the necessary steps to become a diver. You can get a taste of diving in just a weekend. Take a look at our courses and get an idea of what it can be like!

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Advanced Courses

These courses certify divers to reach new depths and strengthen their skills. Discover the pleasure of deep diving and learn to navigate around phenomenal dive sites. 

Learn to dive to 21 meters (for an adult) and learn with a qualified instructor about 3 specialty dives, for example enriched air nitrox, wreck diving or search and recovery to name a few.  

The Advanced courses are all about advancing your skills and helping you to achieve greatness in your future dives. Grow your skill set and surround yourself with magical views under the sea.

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Specialty Courses

There are a vast number of specialty courses that our instructors at Blue Ocean are qualified to give.

The deep diving specialty teaches divers the skills and safety that they need to dive up to a depth of 40 meters. With the enriched air nitrox specialty, you get the knowledge to increase your time underwater. But we have much more specialty courses to offer you such as the amazing night diver speciality that will learn you the skills to discover incredible things with your dive light as you glide underwater in the darkness. An experienced diver can’t live without these courses.

All of our specialty courses will teach you new skills and give you new experiences in diving. Are you ready ?

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Professional Level

Acquire more in-depth diving knowledge, new skills and practice in order to improve. Become specialized in certain areas which interest you more particularly while sharing your experiences with other divers around the world. Being passionate about diving is crucial for your development and confidence underwater.

Learn about dive rescue and check out our divemaster course where you will gain new insight to the underwater world. Also you will learn more about dive sites and develop your skills underwater. Get your 'black belt of diving'! Reach new depths and enjoy unparalleled encounters with unseen sea life!

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Youth Programs

Scuba diving is also for children over 8 years old.  These courses are safe and enjoyable. Students experience a taste of adventure with all the safety precautions. 

Students can try scuba diving and take their first breath underwater. They learn how to communicate and move safely underwater with a professional guide by their side. These exercises are taught in less than 2 meters depth. 

Our Youth programs are specially tailored to help children fall in love with the underwater. The Bubblemaker Course is teaching the ABC’s of diving and the essential knowledge about diving gear. Children are bound to gain confidence and a higher level of independence.

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Take the plunge and test your limits by freediving. Learn breathing and buoyancy techniques while exploring amazing sea life.

Have you ever tried freediving? Well it is thought to be exactly as it is said. You are free underwater. Not only do you get to explore the underwater world in complete silence but you will also discover that your body is capable of so much more than you could ever imagine! Experience an inner peace like no other as you swim like a fish and let your eyes twinkle at the most magical sea creatures and views. An experience that is impossible to understand until you have done it. The sea is waiting for you, are you ready?

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