Blue Ocean Fleet

We bring the Red Sea nearer to you! ... Blue Ocean operates a private fleet of leisure boats, scheduled to sail from Marsa Alam and Hurghada to facilitate daily tours. We sail you to thrilling offshore diving and snorkeling venues with fantastic views of the Red Sea islands and carefully preserved coral reef sites!

Excursions Daily Boats

Whenever you dive or snorkel with the Blue Ocean team, as an individual or as a party, with our fleet of own modern boats, you’re always closest to the action and in the heart of the action!

All boats are equipped with electricity generators, a dining area, an outdoor shower and sparkling clean bathrooms. For the comfort of our fellow divers we facilitate diving gear, full setups and air compressors onboard during daily diving and overnight sea trips.

Speedboats & RIBs

Blue Ocean operates a fleet of own speedboats in Abu Dabbab Bay in Marsa Alam and at Sahl Hasheesh in Hurghada for the comfort and satisfaction of active divers.

Renowned dive sites of Marsa Alam like the Elphinstone Reef, Shaab Abu Dabbab, Om Halhalla, Marsa Egla and Marsa Mubarak are nearby and within easy reach by small RIB’s and speedboats from the Blue Ocean diving base at Marsa Abu Dabbab Bay. How convenient!

Liveaboard Dive Safari

Why should you go and take a break on a liveaboard safari? Why should you sail away for a few days? Maybe you wish to dive day after day for a welcoming change. Maybe you want to be in the company of like-minded divers for a longer spell than one or two daily dips. Maybe you wish to visit the best dive sites the Red Sea has to offer. Blue Ocean liveaboard safaris are your answer to suit your needs..