Red Sea Daily Diving Experience

Blue Ocean Dive Center's team enjoys diving with great passion. They are dedicated to teach diving and guide you to discover the underwater hidden gems of the Red Sea. Blue Ocean operates with multilingual and international instructors to meet the demand of our international students, regulars and new friends coming to the Red Sea. We promise you the best Red Sea diving experience:

Daily Boat Tours

Daily Diving Boat Trips

Whenever you dive or snorkel with Blue Ocean's or Aqua Blue's team, as an individual or as a group, owning a fleet of modern yachts, you’re always closest to the action. By lauching the Chill Out Overnight sailing tour in 2010, we became the leading operator of the mini-safari overnight trips in Marsa Alam.

The Blue Ocean's fleet is reaching out to the top prime offshore scuba diving and snorkeling destinations in the Red Sea. Our scheduled daily boat trips and overnight tripss are operated from Sahl Hasheesh in Hurghada, from Port Ghaleb in Marsa Alam and from the Hamata marina in the south of the Red Sea.

Speedboat Diving

Blue Ocean owns a fleet of speedboats and RIB's that is operating at Abu Dabbab Bay in Marsa Alam and at Sahl Hasheesh in Hurghada for the comfort and satisfaction of active divers. Renowned dive sites of Marsa Alam like Elphinstone Reef, Shaab Abu Dabbab, Om Halhalla, Marsa Egla and Marsa Mubarak are nearby and within easy reach by small RIB’s and speedboats from the Blue Ocean diving base at Marsa Abu Dabbab Bay. Sahl Hasheesh has also some remarkable offshore hidden gems, such as Abu Hashesh,  Ras Abdullah, Gota Abu Makadi, Grand Makadi and Sharm El Arab that can easily be reached by speedboat or RIB.

Speed Boat Diving
Shore Diving

Shore Diving

The Red Sea coast is renowned for its number of spectacular beaches and in huge demand for shore diving and snorkeling. From Hurghada to the deep south of Hamata there are many beaches with easy access to house reefs e.g. Sharm El Naga in Hurghada and Marsa Mubarak, Shuni Bay, Marsa Shagara and Abu Dabbab Bay in Marsa Alam. Our multilingual dive guides will accompany you to the finest shore dive sites of your choice during one of our full day or half day trips.

Night Diving

Night diving can be intimidating for both novice and experienced divers. As you start your night dive, you may wonder what you are getting yourself into, but actually, there’s truly nothing more exciting! You could dive your favorite reef during daily hours till you think you know every square inch of it, but a night dive at that same reef will reveal a whole new world. It will show you the same place in an entirely different perspective, one with intense colors and with marine life that comes to life at night. If you’ve ever wondered what happens underwater after the sun goes down, sign up for the Night Diver Specialty course or one of our night diving adventures.
Night Diving
Wreck Diving

Wreck Diving

It wouldn’t be exaggerated to classify the Red Sea as an aquatic graveyard. Back in the days, after the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, the Red Sea became an extremely important stretch of maritime transportation. However, the installation of lighthouses and beacons didn’t keep up with the increase of the shipping activity. The reefs and shoals became hazards during navigation and eventually the cause in sinking an unknown number of vessels. As a result, the Red Sea reefs feature fascinating shipwrecks, colonized by nature and sea organisms and now serving as backdrops for an array of coral species in a riot of colors and fishes. Wrecks are fascinating windows to the past. Come and join Blue Ocean's team for a memorable dive down memory lane.

Improve Your Diving Skills

Expand your diving knowledge with us! Our crew have been teaching, guiding, training and sharing knowledge and care for our close environment for more than 15 years. We are aware of our divers' demands; every single day. It’s in everyone’s interest, both divers and diving centers, to preserve the continuity of the quality of life in the Red Sea. Hence, we pursue excellence in each and every department and discipline. We strive for excellence!

Knowledge & Skill Improvement
Dive Shop

Dive Shop & Equipment Rental

At Blue Ocean Dive Centers, we can offer you a wide choice of equipment from established manufacturing leaders. Our staff is happy to advise you on the rent or purchase of wetsuits and dry suits, BCD's, regulators, cylinder and weight systems, dive computers, fins accessories and various other equipment and devices. Our instructors have all followed the Equipment Specialist course and are right there for you in the event of consulting on general repairs and performing adjustments and maintenance.

Service Quality

Blue Ocean Diving Centers, Abu Dabbab Beach and Abu Dabbab Lodge are winners of the Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice and the Certificate of Excellence of 2019. Our successful growth is directly related to our valued guests. Our dedication and commitment are primordial in the progress of our operations. As a result, we have become the Red Sea's benchmark for organizing diving adventures, diving training and innovative lodging. We also provide non-divers with the best snorkeling and recreational water sports experience in the Red Sea.

Quality Time, Unique Experience