Turtle Watch Project

Turtle Watch Project

The advanced Turtle Watch Program is based on the principle of “Observe to Conserve”. This concept is designed to collect and vital information from professional and recreational divers on the movements, abundance and distribution of Red Sea’s turtles community. The monitoring sessions will be conducted by Dr. Agnese Mancini in Blue Ocean Diving Centre at Abu Dabbab Bay.

Completing our leading role in protecting marine life, we're so delighted to host a new version of HEPCA's TurtleWatch program. The program is based on the principle of “Observe to Conserve” and is designed to collect information from professional and recreational divers on sea turtle abundance and distribution.

We can help to protect our dolphin friends and contribute to sustainable dolphin tourism in the Red Sea by acting with plain common sense on a diving or snorkelling trip.

It’s in everyone’s interest, both residents, tourists and locals alike, to preserve the continuity of the quality of life of dolphins in a healthy and steadily growing population, enabling all of us to appreciate the beauty and grace of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin now and for many years to come.

We kindly appeal to your commitment to contributing to the protection of dolphins, securing our ‘Egyptian National Treasures’ to live grow and reproduce in a safe and sound environment.

Blue Ocean Diving crews feel privileged and delighted to announce the hosting of HEPCA’s latest version of its Turtle Watch Project.