The Beauty Of Getting Older. Diving & Age

The Beauty Of Getting Older. Diving & Age

Now that we grow older, seniors more and more participate in an active live style at an older stage.  Irrespective of our lifestyle, in the modern world we have access to better medicines and ‘sane’ food patterns. It effects us in a manner that allows us to keep on sporting, or take up sporting, at a later stage of life. One past-time activity that comes as a tandem with ‘aging’ is diving. Fact is that diving isn’t necessarily overly challenging for body and soul.

Our knowledge of what coincides with aging teaches us to identify the effects  diving has on our bodies. At the end of the day, the older we get, the more prone we are to ‘incidents’.  This is why some health conditions, related to older age, can have an impact that it doesn’t have at a younger age. For instance, one needs to take into account that muscle power and bone mass decrease are almost inevitable when aging.

It goes without questioning that aging scuba divers should have their health checked regularly. One cannot dictate a frequency but should carefully be in tune with and listen to her or his body. Regular ‘body maintenance’ allow you to determine any problems.

The beauty of diving and aging lies in simplicity really. Exercising regularly,  eating sensibly and a healthy lifestyle prolong your diving pleasure.

One vital aspect that requires extra attention is your cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness. It’s a good idea to perform cardiovascular and strength training as a ‘tandem’ or a combination. It’s reciprocal. Your muscle power keeps your cardiovascular health at a desirable level and vice versa. 

One may be tempted to ask if diving for seniors is less safer than for others. The answer should be ‘no’. There are no statistics stating otherwise. Just dive smart at any age! Follow the guidelines of your doctor or other medical professionals and be smart at any age! At the end of the day, there are lots of people continuing to dive in their 70s or even 80s continue to dive. Remember, the key to safe diving is physical and mental fitness, not your calendar age!