Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins

Types of dolphin experiences

Swimming with dolphins is a dreamy experience for many people especially families with young children. Many vacation packages offer excursions guaranteeing swimming with dolphins. Although these types of tours sound incredible it is very important to choose excursions wisely because many treat the dolphins cruelly and even cause them harm.

Safe and enjoyable ways to experience dolphins

Fortunately there are safe and enjoyable ways to experience dolphins in the wild.  Snorkeling and diving with dolphins in their natural habitat is by far the best way to observe these incredible creatures. Although not guaranteed when you do see a dolphin it is a wonderful experience often involving groups of dolphins. Nothing beats seeing dolphins swim, jump and play among the coral reefs.

Dolphins in the Red Sea

There are many species of dolphin found in The Red Sea. The most popular are Bottlenose Dolphins and Spinner Dolphins. Bottlenose dolphins are highly exploited and are more often than not found in captivity around the world. These dolphins are friendly and very intelligent; they have a well-defined snout and are grey.  They grow between 2 – 4 meters.  In The Red Sea they can be found in the Straits of Tiran.  Spinner Dolphins are smaller, between 1.3 – 2.5 meters. They are known for their aerobatic displays in the water. They are dark grey with white bellies. They have a distinct line between their two colors. They can be found in Fury Shoals at Sha’ab Sataya.  On rare occasions the false killer whale dolphin can be spotted in The Red Sea. It is usually all black with a grey throat.

In general dolphins are highly sociable and will often play with swimmers. They often move in large groups which make them truly a remarkable sight to see.

Safety while swimming with dolphins

Dolphins are often exploited by humans this means we have to take great care when interacting with dolphins. Many illnesses can be passed from and to dolphins from humans. This means it is best to never touch the dolphins no matter how tempted you are. People often comment on the dolphins smiling face, be aware that they are not necessarily smiling; this is just the shape of their mouths.

Make sure you always use a reliable diving center for excursions with dolphins to avoid companies that use bad practices when interacting with these marvelous creatures.

Marsa Alam

One of the best places to experience dolphins in at Marsa Alam Dolphin House also called Sha’ab Samadai Reef. It is known for the family of spinner dolphins that live there. It is an offshore reef with a lagoon.  This is one of the few places left in the world where you can see dolphins in good condition. The trips are organized from Marsa Alam. Liveaboard trips exploring the south of the Red Sea also visit this site.  Remember to treat the dolphins with respect and you are guaranteed a wonderful experience.