On the outbreak of COVID-19

On the outbreak of COVID-19
Mankind is in the middle of one of the toughest and most uncertain situations for generations. In these unprecedented and challenging times, we see true character emerging.  We at Blue Ocean Dive Centers & Resorts believe in the true spirit, resilience and support of the entire diving community. We are brothers, sisters and family. Here in the Red Sea, our industry is driven by camaraderie and generosity. We unite as one man and one woman to combat the impact of the corona threat. There’s hope in our hearts. We never walk or dive alone! Please be alerted on the following instructions for the Red Sea members of CDWS (Chamber of Diving and Water Sports) in relation to the COVID-19 virus.

Reference to the decision of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population and the governor’s instruction during the meeting held on Wednesday the 18th of March 2020, with the chambers of the ministry of tourism, in regards to the preventive measures on preventing the outbreak of the COVID-19. All diving and water sports centers and safari boats in the Red Sea governorate must follow the following instructions:
  • List all the names of the staff and employees indicating their current leave status, location, and whereabouts
  • Communicate the staff list to the CDWS, in order to share them with the tourist police so that they can notify the relevant authorities and take any needed actions
  • It is absolutely prohibited for any diving and water sports center or safari boat to allow the staff or employees from leaving the Red Sea governorate, regardless of their place of residence
  • Vacation and leave should be extended for all staff who are already outside the governorate for 14 days initially, till further notice
  • All diving and water sports centers and safari boats should immediately notify the tourist police authority in case any staff member violates those instructions and insist on leaving the governorate, for the authority to take the needed action in this regard. Otherwise, it will be considered a violation of the company and legal measures shall be taken.
  • Owning companies of centers and safari boats must commit to holding a staff meeting to raise awareness and make sure that their employees adhere to those instructions and to ensure granting them all their financial rights
  • All centers and safari boats must follow the relevant preventive measures for waste disposable, as well as sanitizing and disinfecting their garage areas
Blue Ocean Dive Centers & Resorts can assure you that all our guests on Abu Dabbab Beach, Abu DabbabLodge, diving centers, daily and safari boats have left to their origin destinations soundly and safely.

We like to stress that all procedures and measures are being considered as standard procedures at all our facilities. We sincerely hope that you, your families and your friends remain healthy and safe during these coming months. 

Take care and be careful out there. 

From the Red Sea with love..