Diving In Marsa Alam

Diving In Marsa Alam

Now, what could be one of  your most enjoyable aquatic pastimes during your Marsa Alam holidays? Look no further. We’re talking diving. And why are we talking diving?  Well, diving isn’t very complicated to master, it’s a socializing activity where you make new international friends and it opens the window to the fantastic underwater panorama’s the Red Sea is so rich with.

The opportunities and choices to make in the Red Sea, with so many of her unique locations with fantastic marine life, are almost without limits. Marsa Alam Egypt is the home of diving destinations for each level. Marsa Alam is a feast for drift divers, night divers, shore divers, boat divers and liveaboard divers.

Here in the Red Sea you can see all kinds of marine life cavorting around coral formations during your Marsa Alam holidays.  Marsa Alam Egypt has a lot of underwater gems in store for you. The majority of coral reefs has’nt been affected by environmental damage. Divers can still enjoy the aquatic habitat  from Marsa Alam where dolphins, sharks, turtles and dugongs reside in peace and harmony, together with an abundance of corals and fish in every coloured shade of the rainbow.

Diving is a fine way to see the Red Sea world underwater and to observe aquatic life from close range. When you come to Marsa Alam Egypt it’s a true joy to watch the lively life below the surface. You will have many options to choose from. The long Red Sea coast line provides marvellous diving opportunities. Whether you wade in to the sea from the soft sands at Abu Dabbab Beach in Marsa Alam or whether you sail by boat out on the open sea or stay closer to the shore by zodiac; the Red Sea guarantees great diving fun and always has kind surprises for you in store! This is divers paradise for you!

Good periods for diving in the Red Sea are the late spring and early summer months and the autumn months. Water temperatures in April, May and June are from 21 ℃ to 25 ℃ and in the autumn the mercury pleasantly hits 21 ℃ to 25 ℃

Diving isn’t only fun during daytime. There’s something magical and mysterious about diving after the sun has set in. It is as if Marsa Alam Egypt changes into an entirely new world of flora and fauna.  You can experience the thrill of marine life during night diving. The darkness underwater, penetrated by your torch, provides instant excitement and instant surprises during night diving. Diving in Marsa Alam Egypt. It’s so exciting, both day and night!