Make the best of your holiday in Marsa Alam

Make the best of your holiday in Marsa Alam

A ‘Where To Go in Marsa Alam’ guide doesn’t come in a pocket version. On the contrary. Marsa Alam Egypt offers almost unlimited options. It’s not easy to make a choice but somebody has got to do it...


Marsa Alam is one of the warmest coastal resorts in Egypt. It’s located in the vicinity of the Tropic of Cancer. By late June, the sun is almost directly overhead. This is when the winds from the sea have a cooling effect though. In winter the area enjoys much milder night time temperatures than many parts of Egypt which can become very cold at night.


There is very little cloud cover and overcast in Marsa Alam Egypt and it rarely rains. It usually only rains for one or two days a year and often only very light rain for a short duration.  IIn the summer, the temperatures reach high levels, but there’s a gentle tempering effect by the cooling sea breeze. From late autumn into early spring the temperatures feel perfect. During that time of the year the Red Sea is comfortably warm.


So, where do we go during Marsa Alam holidays?


El Qusier.  The Ottoman Citadel

El Quseir is a small coastal town that has managed to maintain its specific characteristics of a fisherman’s village. It’s set directly on the attractive coastline of the Red Sea, between Safaga and Marsa Alam Egypt. El Quseir is a quiet resort with sandy beaches, clear waters and beautiful coral reefs, emerging as a first rate tourist destination.


The town's narrow streets are lined with colourful bazaars which have a distinctive Bedouin accent. El Quseir is a popular destination for a half or full day excursion. Its main attraction is the impressive Ottoman Citadel. The castle was originally built in 1517 to protect what was Egypt's most important port on the Red Sea at the time.


Below the castle lies the Sharia Al Gomhuriya, the spiritual town centre with a labyrinth of bazaars . Local vendors flirt with tourists to buy goods, such as alabaster statues, leather articles and papyrus. On Fridays, by tradition, Ababda bedouin and farmers come to town with their products, making for a colourful and fascinating trade.


Port Ghalib. The Wonderful Marina

Port Ghalib markets itself as ‘the new comfort zone’ for your Marsa Alam holidays; and rightfully so. Port Ghalib’s showpiece is its immaculate upmarket Marina Residence. The Tower Village attracts culture seekers, admiring its architectural theme, inspired by the nearby Arabian desert.


Wadi Ghalib is in the close vicinity of Port Ghalib, built on the spiritual legacy of local history and culture. Port Ghalib serves as the departure point for many boats for daily snorkeling and diving trips and diving safaris. Port Ghalib is very easy accessible by nearby Marsa Alam International Airport.


Shalateen. The Camel Market
Some 250 kilometers south of Marsa Alam we find the village of Shalateen. Shalateen is where Sudanese herders go with their camels to meet Egyptian traders. The Shalateen camel market is open daily. It buzzes with activity on Thursdays and business is considerably slower on Fridays. Shalateen has a fascinating sartorial decor, with Rashaida tribesmen wearing lavender ghalibiyas and their women clad in scarlet red dresses.


The Emerald Mines. Mons Smaragdus

The ruins of these ancient mines can still be explored on foot. The Emerald Mines from Marsa Alam are an important archaeological site in Egypt and are located in the desert between Marsa Alam and the Nile Valley. In retrospect, they have been named the Cleopatra Mines or Mons Smaragdus, meaning Emerald Mountains. For the convenience of the tourists, guided tours are being organized by operators.


Hamata.  Small Is Beautiful

Opposite the legendary Fury Shoal and St John Reef systems in the Red Sea with their thirty-five dive sites, we find the small town of Hamata.


Hamata is best described as an unspoiled, uncrowded and unspoiled region, situated some 200km south of Marsa Alam. Together with its unexplored feel it is in fact the most southerly diving hub in Egypt’s Red Sea.


Hamata is also a big kitesurf hotspot in the nearby desert with the highest wind chance in Egypt. Up in the air kiters are eye in eye with crystal clear waters and fascinating mangrove trees arrangements. Hamata is an absolute must for enthusiastic divers and kiters.


Enjoy your Marsa Alam holidays!