From Zero to Hero

From Zero to Hero

You see people preparing very relaxed for a dive with the easiest of routine as if they brush their teeth. You, on the other hand, are struggling with your gear and you feel nervous. You feel like you have already consumed oxygen from your cylinder and you haven’t touched the water yet.

You may be a nervous diver and you could do with more confidence to really enjoy your dive. Now what could be helpful to join the ranks of relaxed and stress free divers?

Planning your dive

Let’s kick in an open door. Be prepared. There’s nothing wrong with checking and double checking equipment and instructions to confine your worries and concerns. Go through a small refreshment session of gestures and signals with your buddy to secure your communication underwater and prevent confusion.

If you are nervous, you’re likely prone to consuming air at a faster rate than your buddy. It’s good for both of you to know, in order to regularly monitor both your gauges.

Diving from a boat

Diving from a boat is perceived as less stressful than a shore dive. It doesn’t necessarily contribute to peace of mind when you’re being caught by a wave, struggling with your fins, after having carried your gear over land.


Yes, meditation, like yoga exercises, helps you regulating and steadying your breath. It contributes to relaxation and reduces the reflexes that may lead to panicking, a cause of diving mishaps. If you feel comfortable before and during your dive, the less prone you are to an unhappy experience.

Do not be a hero. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when you feel insecure about your gear. Just ask your instructor or buddy before you dip in the water.

Sleep well

Enough said. Shouldn’t come as a surprise and needs no further explanation.

Eat and drink well

And we do not mean alcoholic consumptions or pizza binging. Any drugs are a no-go.

Pursue a skill

You are at ease with things you are good at on land. So why wouldn’t you feel at ease with things you are good at underwater?

Take up a speciality that will gain your confidence and positive ‘distraction’. Consider how for instance search & recovery or perfect buoyancy control may enhance your confidence.