Dolphins Are Your Best Friends!

Dolphins Are Your Best Friends!

Acrobatic and playful dolphins are very funny and entertaining to watch! And you can even hear them communicate with each other underwater when you’re lucky. You can hear the dolphins vocally communicating with each other. They do this by producing a high-pitched clicking sounds and whistles.  

The Red Sea has something unique in store for you.  You have a truly unique chance to observe dolphins and swim and dance with these graceful and intelligent friends in their natural habitat. Snorkelling and watching these impressive creatures swimming and showing off in the waters of the Red Sea in their natural habitat is truly unforgettable.

It’s a life-changing experience indeed. It’s an exciting and memorable moment to see our friends at such a short distance. Curious as our cuddly friends are by nature, they can come very close to you, sometimes even within touching distance. However, as tempting and cuddly as they appear, you should never touch a dolphin. They have skin that should stay intact to protect them from transmittable diseases.

You will notice that they are carefully protecting their young ones and that a dolphin mother doesn’t lose sight of her child, gently keeping her safe under her fins.

Enjoy dolphins with passion but in passive admiration. Keep a respectful distance and let the dolphins decide. Dolphins will see you as their best pals if you leave them in peace.

Dolphins are intelligent, graceful, fragile and very sensitive, yet, in essence, they are wild animals. You cannot expect them to show up at your command or direct their presence to entertain you. Please bear in mind that dolphins are not house pets that show up on demand or command.