Diving Adventures In Abu Dabbab!

Diving Adventures In Abu Dabbab!

When Howard Carter discovered the intact tomb of Tutankhamon, his companion Lord Carnarvon asked: “can you see anything?”, Carter answered : “yes, wonderful things”.  This historical quote springs to mind when diving in the azure blue waters of Abu Dabbab near Marsa Alam, Egypt. 

One of the most intriguing diving destinations is Abu Dabbab Bay, where divers can spot dugongs in the wild in their natural environment. As plump and chubby as the dugong may seem, it effortlessly glides through the waters of Abu Dabbab. Also prominent in the area are residential green turtles, some of them really huge in size. When they do not part the water with their claws, graciously swimming to find food, it’s a true diver’s challenge to locate them resting on the shallow bottom, covered by sand.


Here, two fantastic and colourful house reefs  are separated by large meadows of seagrass. 

Here is where Blue Ocean Diving Centers offer an unique package of unlimited house reef diving. Snorkelers and divers can explore the two house reefs on the northern and southern side of Abu Dabbab Beach any time they like between 08.00am and 4.15pm.

When you effortlessly wade into the bay at Abu Dabbab from the white sandy beach, there’s a fantastic underwater scenery gradually unfolding. The riveting northern and southern house reefs offer amazing rich marine life in terms of flora and fauna. Abu Dabbab Marsa Alam is synonymous to a profusion of colourful fish and to amazing bouquets of soft and hard corals. Abu Dabbab is also the stomping ground of the  iconic bowmouth guitar shark and bullethead parrotfish. 

They are both very easily accessible from the beach. It is as if you are literally walking into an aquarium. You literally have the Red Sea at your feet. This is the place for divers who like to see a huge variety in colourful fish. The two reefs are frequented by parrotfish, clownfish, bannerfish, the blue-spotted ray and by butterflyfish in each imaginable pattern and shape and colour of the rainbow.

The beach of Abu Dabbab is also your stepping stone to an almost unlimited array of diving excursions, day or night. You can dive from the shore, from a speedboat or from a day boat.

Blue Ocean Diving Centers offers are very tempting. They meet the demand of the adventurous diver who likes to challenge limits. It provides an unique opportunity to discover the beauty of the famous Abu Dabbab Bay in Marsa Alam. 

Abu Dabbab Marsa Alam not only provides unlimited house reef diving but also services as a base for RIB boats, lined up to cruise to nearby Red Sea diving spots such as the reputed Elphinstone Reef to encounter oceanic whitetips, scalloped hammerheads and grey reef sharks. Take your chance!

The Beauty of The Red Sea is a very popular special package for divers who love to discover the  gems from the amazing Red Sea. It is a great combination of unlimited house reef dives in Abu Dabbab Bay and speedboat trips to famous diving destinations of Marsa Alam.

The ‘Boat, Speedboat & Shore’ package is tailor-made for energetic divers who like alternative destinations every day, keen on discovering many different spots of the Abu Dabbab Marsa Alam area that can be easily reached from the strategic location of Abu Dabbab Bay.

Are you not a diver yet? The multi-language PADI certified instructors of Blue Ocean Diving Resorts will take care of you and go with you step by step through all theory and practice. At Abu Dabbab Marsa Alam you can become a certified diver! Come and take your chance!