Abu Galawa Soraya

Abu Galawa Soraya

Abu Galawa Soraya translated means 'little father of the pool' a very fitting name for this beautiful reef full of variety, color and magical views. Both soft and hard corals are scattered throughout parts of the reef to a depth of an impressive 24 meters! They also form a number of coral colonies which satisfy the large variety of reel fish and other marine life. One of the most captivating features of Abu Galawa is the small wreck, and in this case size really does not matter, as although the wreck is small it certainly will draw your attention.

The wreck is found as an American sailboat which is 18 meters long and is known to have sunk sometime in the 1980s, around 40 years ago, and although the wreck is limited to coral growth it is now home to many different fish which bring life and color to the tragedy of the wreck. You will find all types of fish making themselves at home at Abu Galawa, such as, Turtles, white tip reef shark, clownfish, lionfish, sweetlip, bannerish, eagle ray and much more splendid colorful fish.

Another brilliant feature of Abu Galawa Soraya is the perfectly formed hard corals which are in superior quality and condition. With a whole array of different colors it is of course one of the most beautiful scenes and spectacular dives, especially for photographers. Surrounded by the purest salt water and strikingly bright colorful fish and coral, this dive site will have you feeling like you have entered the movie ' The Little Mermaid' as you glide through the wreck and coral garden you will be greeted by the most wonderfully vivid fish that can only be dreamed about or seen in movies. This dive is a pursuit of the good life which really does achieve happiness and positive, personal experiences. Helping you to grow as a person and enrich your life. While you glide freely around the wreck you will feel weightless whilst defying gravity.

Abu Galawa is 16km east of Hamata and can be reached by boat which takes around 80 minutes but definitely worth it. This dive is suitable for all levels which means everyone is lucky enough to be able to venture down to the perfectly imperfect sight.