Dugong Conservation Program

place Marsa Alam

Assist with research and enjoy close encounters with dugongs in one of their preferred locations. Join us in the southern Red Sea to see and study the dugongs in the Abu Dabbab area which is one of the world’s most pristine dive sites area.
It hosts one of the largest sea grass beds in the Red Sea, offering home to several resident dugongs. This is the perfect location to experience close encounters, monitor and survey their feeding habitats.

• Visit the beaches that host the Red Sea’s densest population of dugongs.
• Scuba diving and snorkeling with dugongs.
• Participate in the Dugong Identification Program.
• Help local researchers collect data and monitor dugongs.
• Help researchers to gather critical information that can be used to protect their population from further decline.
• Survey sea grass beds to determine the foraging patterns and features of habitats that attract most dugongs in order to protect these essential areas.
• Assist with the conservation work to study and protect dugongs in the Red Sea.

check Included

  • 2 supervised snorkeling survey
  • Scientific supervision
  • Academic lectures by Red Sea Project researchers
  • Certification of participation
  • Manual and digital kit

close Not Included

  • Scuba equipment
  • Scuba dives fees