Abu Dabbab ; Diving The Northern Reef

Abu Dabbab ; Diving The Northern Reef

The Abu Dabbab dive site is one of thetop dive sites in Marsa Alam. It comprises the southern house reef, thenorthern house reef and the huge grassy sea bottom interlinking the two house reefs.

The northern house reef can be reached bysimply wading in from the shore or by zodiacs from the Blue Ocean DivingCenters. The reef reaches a depth of 35 meters. The visibility is excellent anduninterrupted. The current is best described as weak to moderate. It’s suitablefor both day and night dives and for all levels. You can do the northern reef asa drift if you are certified to do drift dives. Blue Ocean’s unrivalledand extremely attractive offer of ‘unlimited house reef diving’ allows you toexplore the reef anytime you like during the day between It’s truly an uniquepackage of unlimited house reef diving, running daily from 08.00am to 4.15pm.

The northern reef is carpeted with a widerange of hard and soft corals. The trained eye will determine the shapes offire corals, star corals, bubble corals, brain corals , leather corals andgorgonians.

The northern house reef at Abu Dabbab is thestomping ground of the ornate ghost pipefish and the thorny seahorse. The thorny seahorse hides in crevices of coral formations.They live among the branches of the gorgonians, the leather corals and the softcorals. Here they are almost invisible due their ability to change their bodycolouration. They blend in seamlessly to their habitat.

Like the southern reef, the north reef isteeming with marine life with the presence of blackspotted and blue spottedstingrays, the lionfish, the giant triggerfish, striped butterflyfish, thestonefish and the devil scorpionfish. Don’t trigger the triggerfish. It is territorialto the bone.